Revolutionizing Your Experience: Latest Product Updates You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Product Update

At Mihup, we are constantly exploring ways to make improvements and enhance your analytics experience. Lately, we have been working diligently to introduce new features and upgrades to streamline and organize your experience with our product,
Mihup Interaction Analytics. We understand that many people might have questions about these product updates, so we wanted to provide you with some insights.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these features that can help you get the most out of our platform.


Improved Algorithms and Advanced NLP

Our analytics capabilities have been significantly improved with our latest algorithms! Thanks to our advanced NLP, we can now achieve up to 90% accuracy in speech recognition. Additionally, our upgraded algorithms incorporate various features such as fuzzy matching, exact search, metaphor recognition, and contextual understanding, leading to even more precise analytics. By considering more context-based information, our algorithms can effectively identify escalations while avoiding false positives.

Furthermore, our platform can now conduct a comprehensive search with precise checks for different attributes and parameters. Our tech and AI team has also introduced modifiers like proximity, partial match, and out-of-order to improve the accuracy of search results. These enhancements are aimed at providing you with the most accurate and relevant results possible.


Enhanced Interface on the Home Page (Insights Page) and Interaction Page for Better Experience!

We have redesigned our home page with a user-friendly interface that provides you with actionable insights at a glance and with minimal effort. The insights page, which is our home page, features an interactive dashboard that displays trends and insights on various data points across different parameters. We have added more data points under each parameter to offer a higher level of information while ensuring a user-friendly interface for an improved experience. The home page displays parameters such as Data Operational Metrics, Process Adherence, Customer Experience, and more.

Product Updates

Users can leverage the filter to visualize analytics for different channels. With this feature, you can filter calls by specific attributes such as date range, time duration, agents, teams, interactions, campaign, disposition, sub-disposition, and more. You can also filter based on parameters and sub-parameters. With each filter, the data points change giving detailed insights relevant to the filter selected.

Our interaction page has been revamped to simplify the process of assigning call analysis to the QA team. We have introduced a smart sampling feature that enables users to filter and view various interactions based on channels.

Product Update

Product Update


Audit forms for QAs that are user-friendly.

We have created audit forms for QAs to evaluate calls that are user-friendly. Rather than using Google Sheets or Excel sheets, which can be time-consuming and tedious, our audit forms cut down the time required to analyze a single call by 50% and make it much easier for the QAs. The call Audit forms are now simpler and faster. The number of clicks is reduced by 80% and the typing needs by 40%. The forms are equipped with smart features that automatically identify and fill in questions from the call analysis, making it easier and quicker for QAs to assess escalated calls. Configuring the audit forms is super easy and with a lot of flexibility to design customized forms based on audit needs.

Product update


Create your own audit forms 

Businesses can now create QA forms tailored to their specific needs. The available categories cater to various industries, including Sales, Customer Service, etc. Users can add titles, descriptions, choose the interaction mode, and include drop-down menus or comment boxes for each category. Once set up, users can begin adding questions and scores, and the form will be ready to use.

Product update


User Management

We have made it easier for organisations to create user profiles, manage access and permissions. They can create custom Roles according to the hierarchy in the organization and manage access to different privileges in the Mihup Platform as per requirements. They can also activate or deactivate profiles based on the employment status of the user.  Along with this, organizations can manage permissions for access to sensitive data keeping in mind the data privacy compliance requirements.Product Update



The Mihup Interaction Analytics platform now includes a randomiser feature that allows users to sort calls based on specific criterias such as call language, agent, call duration, and more. Users can then select the number of calls or hours for analysis, providing flexibility while reducing costs and focusing on areas that require attention.


Better Turnaround Time

With our improved algorithms the analytics are now available for the users within 4-5 hours of receiving the call recordings. The faster analysis will help organizations take quicker actions based on the detailed insight report.


Search Words and Phrases

The platform provided by Mihup includes a powerful search mechanism that employs precise checks for multiple attributes and parameters. Our approach incorporates a variety of algorithms such as fuzzy matching, exact search, metaphor, and contextual algorithms. Furthermore, our tech and AI team have developed modifiers such as proximity, partial match, and out-of-order to enhance the accuracy of search results.

Product Update


Sentiment Analysis

Mihup Interaction Analytics is more than just a powerful search tool – it’s also a valuable resource for managing escalations. Our advanced NLP and enhanced algorithms make sentiment analysis more accurate than ever, allowing for easy identification and categorization of escalations into various buckets, such as internal, legal, social, and management. This applies to all inbound/outbound calls, chats, or emails. Furthermore, we’ve made significant improvements in detecting negative customer sentiment and other crucial details, such as the mention of competitor names by customers.

Product Update

With these new updates, we hope our users can get the best of Mihup Interaction Analytics. We have a few more updates coming in the near future but if you wish to know more about these product updates please feel free to reach out to us here!

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